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HostNine Coupon CodesHostNine is committed to providing their customers with the highest quality service in the industry. They provide Top quality Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Dedicated Server, and Dedicated hosting solutions with 24/7 Customer support and a 99.9% Uptime guarantee at a reasonable cost. With their 30-Day Money Back Guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose! Below you will find several coupon codes updated September 2016.

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  • Exclusive Coupon only found here!
  • 30% Off every month you pay for at sign up.
  • You can pay 3 years in advance.
30% Off (All Plans)

  • $5.00 Off your first month of web hosting.
  • Only 30₵ on Personal plan for the First Month.
  • Best if used on monthly plans $20 or less.
$5.00 Off (All Plans)

How To Setup Your Account

Below I am going to go over step-by-step how you can start up your own account with HostNine utilizing one of our Special discounts as well as provide some helpful assistance on which plan you will need and how to make the most savings.

#1 Choose Your Hosting Plan

You will notice quite a few differences between the different plans, such as price, quantity of domain names and whether or not things like an SSL certificate or Free Domain are offered. Assuming all you have got is one website (and would like to host in the United States), the personal plan would be great. Keep in mind it will be easy to upgrade later on if you want to do so, as they will divide up any money previously paid whenever you upgrade.

Choose Your Plan
Hostine provides “unlimited hosting”, so you will find only a few distinctions between the different web hosting plans, such as choice of location, and whether or not it features free SSL, Dedicated IP, free domain name as well as priority customer support.

The personal plan comes with no free domain name, doesn’t get priority customer support and also doesn’t contain a free dedicated IP or SSL. An SSL can be bought for $39.99 and dedicated IP for $2 monthly. You are only permitted to host one website with this plan.

The Small Business Plan is just like the Personal plan, but comes with a Free Domain, as well as a choice of server location (UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, US (East, Central & West) and Australia. It is possible to host unlimited websites on this plan.

The Enterprise Plan is much more ideal for those in need of SSL & Dedicated IP, because it comes free with these things. On top of that it provides priority support.

When it comes to CPU|RAM together with other resources there are absolutely no difference between the 3 shared hosting plans that HostNine offers. You can view all of HostNines web hosting plans here.

#2 Choose Your Domain

On this page you are going to be given 3 choices purchase a brand new domain name, transfer your current domain name, or point a domain name that you own. In the event you sign up for one year or more, they will provide you with a totally free domain name. If you would like to transfer your current domain name to them this is the option you choose. If you do not want to buy a domain name, and just want to point your existing domain name (one you currently have, or perhaps one you will purchase somewhere else) this is the option we suggest you pick.

Choose A Domain

#3 Choose Server Location

With the purchase of HostNine web hosting you will get to select where you would like each one of your websites hosted. What they have is a network of locations, 3 are in the USA (East, West, Central), another is in the UK (Near London), another is in Singapore (Asia Location) and the last location is in the Netherlands (Europe Location). Those areas alone provide you with six options all over the world to host your network of web sites from.

Choose Server Location

#4 Enter Promotional Code

To make sure you get the benefit from our coupon code and any additional money off your purchase be sure you insert the Hostnine coupon in the box at the bottom part of the web page, as well as click on validate code. If the Promo code works you will notice the coupon box turn green with details of your lower price.

Enter Promotional Code

#5 Purchase Your Account

At this time you will go ahead and purchase the account. In our experience the account will most likely be setup immediately, you will receive welcome email with all of your login information within a few minutes. Should there be any difficulty with Hostnine you can either phone their customer support, open a ticket, or simply just open a live support chat through their web page. HostNine is very helpful, and contrary to many other web hosts will never attempt to sell you something you don’t need.

After you have purchased your account you can use the instructional video below to help get your website uploaded and online. This video will also show you how to simply install WordPress if you are working on a brand new site.

Key Features Of HostNine

Each of the shared web hosting plans feature cutting edge data protection and backup, with Raid-1/10 guarded local storage (Mirrored storage), as well as being backed up to remote servers using R1Soft. Additionally, HostNine features the following along with a number of other features:

  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Cron Jobs
  • Multi-Location
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • POP3/IMAP email accounts
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • SSH Access (requires a static IP)
  • RvSiteBuilder
  • Softaculous Script Installer
  • PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl 5, Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • CGI-bin
  • Zend & Ioncube

Is HostNine A Good Web Host?

HostNine is able to separate itself from the rest of the pack, not only because the business possesses the latest technology, but mainly because the company has intelligent and enthusiastic employees. At the core of HostNine is a passionate and experienced band of professionals who take pleasure in what they do. The experts at HostNine are driven as well as passionate about their chosen path in life. HostNine is devoted to providing the results you are looking for.

The company is constantly growing and improving itself to ensure it can deliver on its promises. HostNine continues to develop and foster its people infrastructure to ensure that it can satisfy the needs of the changing world of technology.

For those reasons HostNine is at the top of our list for being one of the best web host out there.

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  1. I’ve been using Hostnine for about a year now. I got 1 year of hosting for around $40 with a 15% off coupon. So far, things have been good. Customer support has been friendly and knowledgeable. I have not experienced any major downtime, only a couple of small instances. The only bad thing I noticed is their servers can be a bit slow sometimes, it comes and goes. I have never tried the VPS or Dedicated Hosting, but I would recommend them to anyone needing a cheap, reliable shared host.

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